5 Tips for Finding Fitness that you Enjoy!

Nike Running

Finding a fitness that you love to do will help to get you through that barrier of ‘do I have time?’ or ‘can I get my butt to the class?’.  Everyone is different and it does depend on what you body needs or wants at this moment.  I have a few friends who are very regimented and will book out time for exercise and attend without fail even if it’s something they say they don’t particularly enjoy.  We’ve all been[Read more]

I Quit Sugar – well with a little help from Sarah Wilson and her team

Chocolate Cupcakes

I am a self confessed sugar addict.  Like a proper sugar addict. I tried earlier in the summer to curb my sugar habit.  It didn’t go as well as I had planned as in I still was consuming a lot of sugar!  I wouldn’t say I am the worst at eating sugar but it had definitely become a habit of mine.  I don’t even feel particularly hungry and I will snack on something.  I find it a little tricky in[Read more]

Testing out: HeadSpace Meditation App


There have been hundreds of papers citing the benefits of mediation.  Over time the benefits can include reduction in stress, depression, increase in focus, and immunity to name a few. I am currently using Headspace to foster my meditation habit.  They offer a 10 Day Challenge which is essentially spending 10minutes each day meditating over the course of 10 days.  The meditation is guided by the founder Andy Puddicombe and there are mini videos to explain the purpose and what[Read more]

Coconut Oil: Why use it?

Benefits of Coconuts

It’s interesting to see that there are over 1500 studies on the benefits of coconut oil and it’s a very simple product with many uses.  The best coconut oil is organic, cold pressed and 100% pure.  It doesn’t need to have anything else added to it. Moisturiser – It is very hydrating for your skin.  It nourishes any dry patches, cuticles and helps elasticity. It is a natural low sun protection.  It is a great oil to use on stretch[Read more]

The Art of Tidying

This isn't my room

Since returning from my travels it has been an interesting process of readjusting back into a hectic and beautiful city. First off I needed to collect all of my belongings from various locations where things had been stored. I had things at my friend’s house where my boxes and bags were being used as extra areas for her to put her things on. Then my brother had taken an excess and last minute packing that I needed to move. Then[Read more]

Fostering Habits to Study


Studying when you are no longer in full education can be tricky as there are always things that need to be done.  The general life admin to working to enjoying yourself. I’m studying to be a health coach on a year long program.  Fostering the habit of setting aside 8 hours a week has been an interesting one.  Even though it doesn’t sound like a lot of time it’s been important to stay on top the weekly hours so that[Read more]

The Power of Gratitude

Grateful Heart

Gratitude is a powerful and simple tool to improve your mindset and overall wellbeing.  There have been many scientific studies about the health benefits of gratitude.  It has been proven to increase happiness, openness to others, increased resilience, increases productivity, and improves self-esteem.  Gratitude is an easy habit to foster with a few simple steps. Gratitude Notebook – This is a personal choice and it is more important to focus on the regularity of the habit. The easiest way is to write[Read more]

5 Tech Tips to Save Time


We live in an ever increasingly connected world with mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers at work and home.  It is a 24/7 connection to the world through a small device.  When talking to friends and family they usually have a feeling of having less time even though having all of this technology at their fingertips should be freeing up time.  This phenomenon has been reflected in the news and scientific research as well.  There are many suggestions on apps or programs[Read more]

Eating out whilst traveling


Eating out when you are on the road can be tricky.  It’s easy to have a great routine at home that maintains a healthy gut and lifestyle.  In your usual surrounds you can control where the food is bought and prepared for your meals.  Eating a balanced meal on the road can be full of hazards from trying to find a good restaurant, food you want to eat, budget suitable and healthy options.   I’ve spent a lot of time[Read more]

Start here – Creating a haven at home

Home Haven

Your home is a contribution to your over all well-being.  If you’re space at home is chaotic, cluttered and not a conducing environment for positive energy, it will drain your energy.  Life is hectic trying to balance  work, eating well, exercise, social life, self love and learning.  There are simple steps to start creating your own haven.  It’s finding the areas that are easy to start with and it will slowly build from there. De-cluttering – there are so many[Read more]