Minimalism continued

Removing lots of old belongings has been a great experience and one that has continued onwards.  We’ve been loving having the apartment feel fresh, clean and spacious. Next steps… Reviewing clothes – I’ve been clearing out a few more items of clothing that are either quite old (and quite honestly should have gone in the first cull but I wasn’t quite ready to), items that I truly have not worn in months or even seasonally.  This round of clearing items[Read more]

Sunday reading

I spend a bit of time commuting and traveling for work.  I try my best to use the time for either listening to podcasts or reading on my kindle.  I like to disappear into a whole new world or be learning.  I like to include reading on my self care Sundays. Here are some of the latest items that I have added to my kindle. The Collective Hub Magazine – I have a subscription to this magazine.  It’s always full[Read more]

January Blues Pick Me Ups

The post holiday blues get to most people.  It can be the weather, the end of party season, a long wait until the next holiday, the hangover financially from the holidays.  The most likely day to call in sick is the first Monday in February.  It is an official statistic that has been recorded that more employees call in sick on this day!  Some news outlets call it National Sick Day. Exercise! – it’s important to get those positive endorphins[Read more]

2017 is just around the corner

Wow another year has flown by.  For me, I like to reflect on what I have achieved, accomplished over the year and look to what I want to do next or build on.  I am not a huge fan of setting lots of new year resolutions as I think you can take on new challenges or goals through out the year.  It’s important to review them and taking the small consistent steps towards the end goal. Things I have done[Read more]

My 5 Tips to Minimise Jet Lag

These are the tips that I use to minimise jet lag when I’m traveling on long haul flights. It’s been a process of trial and error over the years.  I have taken a lot of flights over the years living overseas and for work.  I like to arrive feeling rested and ready to go in a new destination.  This is imperative for a business trip as I would have to head straight to work after landing.  Traveling can be tiring[Read more]

Testing out: Natural Blender Smoothie Boxes

I really love to make smoothies with fresh fruit, veg and extras in it like chia seeds, or matcha powder.  The only draw back is that I end up with lots of packets of half used ingredients in the cupboard that seem to take forever to use up.  Also there is that other drawback that buying the fresh produce from the supermarket does mean I will technically be having the same green smoothie for days or have to take up[Read more]

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

I’m from a big family and the holidays involves a lot of organisation on the present buying front.  Here is my list of ideas that I think would make great presents (or gifts for myself!): Voucher for a photo book website – I love Blurb Books.  I have had quite a few printed through them over the years and they are super helpful.  It can be a great gift for someone who has lots of photos on their computer that[Read more]

Where I am at now…

Wow this year has whistled on by!  It’s been a year of so many changes and exploration from traveling around the Far East and returning to Europe.  It’s now the start of the wintery months here in Europe which is great in some ways and not so fun in others.  Being a sunshine baby I am not enjoying watching the sunsetting in the early afternoon.  But on the bright side we are getting close to the shortest day of the[Read more]

10 things I learnt by completing the I Quit Sugar 8 week program

The 8 week I Quit Sugar program has flown by.  It was an interesting process for me.  The program sends weekly updates, meal plans, shopping lists and updates on great ingredients. Here are my top 10 things that I learnt by doing the program:  My overall moods have improved – I think those who spend a lot of time with me would say this is a very good benefit of quitting sugar!  It’s meant on the whole that I’ve felt more[Read more]

5 Tips for Finding Fitness that you Enjoy!

Finding a fitness that you love to do will help to get you through that barrier of ‘do I have time?’ or ‘can I get my butt to the class?’.  Everyone is different and it does depend on what you body needs or wants at this moment.  I have a few friends who are very regimented and will book out time for exercise and attend without fail even if it’s something they say they don’t particularly enjoy.  We’ve all been[Read more]