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Eating out whilst traveling

Eating out when you are on the road can be tricky.  It’s easy to have a great routine at home that maintains a healthy gut and lifestyle.  In your usual surrounds you can control where the food is bought and prepared for your meals.  Eating a balanced meal on the road can be full of hazards from trying to find a good restaurant, food you want to eat, budget suitable and healthy options.   I’ve spent a lot of time on the road and love to try new dishes.  I wanted to share some easy suggestions I have picked up on the way.

Research, research, research – Do some research on line about the location you are going to.  I do this by asking for recommendations from friends, family, locals and fellow travelers.  Compile the list some where like a google doc so that it is easy to share and add to on the go.  Then there is online research as well from TripAdvisor, travel blogs, food reviews in the media and local community groups.  Keep collating the info with details on the venue, menu choices, vibe and budget.  You may find some hidden gems that you would miss if you stuck to the main suggestions.

Snacks – Find a local food store or health food store to pick up some healthy snacks.  These can be great when you are out and about.  Most stores will have nuts, seaweed, fresh fruit and vegetables.  It’s fostering the same habit you would have back at home.  On a recent trip to Bali we would get fresh green coconuts delivered to our villa for very little.  Having fresh coconut water is an amazing treat and far better than any kind of soda!  The price for a coconut is cheaper than buying a can of cola or sprite which is an added bonus.

Befriend the staff – Making friends with the staff at the restaurant can be really helpful in helping accommodating any dietary requirements you have.  Being friendly and polite are key in this!  Staff are usually more than happy to answer questions about how something is made, and what ingredients are in a drink, sauces and dish.  In some countries it is normal to add sugar to a freshly squeezed juice, or to a savory dish.  I would normally ask to not add sugar to fresh juice, keeping the sauce on the side where possible so I can control how much I add depending on the richness.  A friend of mine has a few serious allergies so he has to be seriously vigilant in checking what is in food.  He is always charming to staff to make sure they can assist him.


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