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10 things I learnt by completing the I Quit Sugar 8 week program

The 8 week I Quit Sugar program has flown by.  It was an interesting process for me.  The program sends weekly updates, meal plans, shopping lists and updates on great ingredients.

Here are my top 10 things that I learnt by doing the program:

  1.  My overall moods have improved – I think those who spend a lot of time with me would say this is a very good benefit of quitting sugar!  It’s meant on the whole that I’ve felt more balanced within myself and more self aware.
  2. An increase in energy – who doesn’t want to feel more energy to be doing day to day tasks and take on new things.  I’ve not had to have my sneaky afternoon or early evening naps to compensate for my energy crashes.  I’ve started working out much more.
  3. Skin cleared up – My skin since returning to Europe has felt very dry and had small patches of dry skin on my arms or on my face.  Neither of these issues are particularly fun to experience.  The dry patches have gone from my arm and I have one tiny bit on my face which is decreasing slowly.  Overall my skin feels much healthier.
  4. Understanding my body more – I did have days when I totally collapsed on the sugar front and I really looked into what the triggers were and how to deal with the situations when they come up in the future.  My biggest trigger for wanting sugar or cravings were stress related.
  5. Cooking from scratch – Starting to cook properly and new recipes from scratch has been really fun and had it’s own mini challenges.  Reading labels on processed or pre-made products was an eye opening experience to see all the different hidden sugars.  It’s been a while since I’ve cooked continuously from scratch.  A great tip I learnt along the way is to cook extra to set aside for other meals so that it can be used for another meal and save cooking time.
  6. Saving money – It’s amazing that there’s been a financial impact on being organised with meals and snacks.  It’s meant that instead of grabbing bits and pieces and not being organised I would be popping to the supermarket everyday.  Also the more nutritious and natural food choices tend to be more reasonable and more filling.  This again was a saving!  Less snacks equals less money spent.
  7. Less cravings – I used to snack all the time!  For me this shift to having less cravings was amazing and I felt better for it.
  8. Weight loss – for me this wasn’t a huge amount.  It was about 0.4kg.  I think for me the more important benefit is more energy as I want to exercise which will lead to getting stronger.
  9. It’s ok to fall down – Having a slip up of eating a sugary snack or eating out where I know the dish may have sugar within it.  It’s ok to have the bad day and crash out on sugary sweets and cakes.  It’s the long term small steps that make the difference.
  10. That I can do it!  Committing to lifestyle changes can always be a challenge and fully embracing them takes commitment.

After completing the program I have been trying to keep my refined sugar intact to a minimum and where possible not at all.  It was worth doing the program to recalibrate my body and mind with sugar.  I would recommend I Quit Sugar to others and to go into it with an open mind.

I Quit Sugar

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