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Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

I’m from a big family and the holidays involves a lot of organisation on the present buying front.  Here is my list of ideas that I think would make great presents (or gifts for myself!):

Voucher for a photo book website – I love Blurb Books.  I have had quite a few printed through them over the years and they are super helpful.  It can be a great gift for someone who has lots of photos on their computer that they never print.  There are lots of choices of how the book layout can be.  It can also be a great way to commemorate a significant event such as an anniversary or other milestone.

Blurb Photography Books

Gift a lesson or workshop – This is great for a person who has everything and likes to try out new things.  I’ve always wanted to do a cooking or a calligraphy class.  There are usually lots of classes going on if you do a quick google in your local area.  Another great idea is to book a workshop with someone you know for a loved one.  I love supporting friends and sharing connections.  It’s a lot of fun.  Lessons could be guitar lessons, massage workshop, jewellery making or making your own candle.

Calligraphy Class

Subscription Boxes – there are so many subscription boxes available and they can be a great long term gift as it can arrive every month or what ever the frequency is for the product.  I did this for my brother as he is notoriously difficult to buy for.  I got him a monthly subscription to an artisan bacon company.  He’s a foodie.  I love consumable products as gifts as it can be a great way to try new products that I wouldn’t normally pick up when I’m out and about.  My favourites that I have tested out over the past couple of years are:  fresh tea, Fitness Box for the exercise bunny, Dollar Shave club.

Fitty London

Personalisation – This can make someone feel extra special.  Quite a few brands offer this service for engraving on a fragrance, or household item or clothing.  For me I love gifting I lost my name books to friends kids.  It’s such a great concept and so simple.  Kids can have the pleasure of reading and it’s about them! It’s a wonderful keepsake.  The company also ships internationally and offers a few languages.  They’ve started to do other books as well.

Lost my Name

A LIFORME yoga mat – The best non slip yoga mat on the market that is produced in an ethical and social responsible way.  The mats have alignment points on them to help your practice.  For a yoga mat it’s an expensive one but it’s worth it from anyone that I know that has one.  They love their mats.  It’s a great investment to the dedicated yoga buddy.

Liforme Yoga Mat

A relaxing candle – Having a beautiful candle burning in the evening can create a relaxing or energising atmosphere depending on my mood or what I want to create.  I have a couple of brands that I love the quality and scents of.  One of them is Diptyque.  They do limited edition candles for the holiday season.  I’ve already checked out the offering and I love the Le Roi Sapin Candle which is divine.  It’s a combination of lush pine with tones of cedar and patchouli.

Le Roi Sapin by Diptyque



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