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Testing out: Natural Blender Smoothie Boxes

I really love to make smoothies with fresh fruit, veg and extras in it like chia seeds, or matcha powder.  The only draw back is that I end up with lots of packets of half used ingredients in the cupboard that seem to take forever to use up.  Also there is that other drawback that buying the fresh produce from the supermarket does mean I will technically be having the same green smoothie for days or have to take up a lot of space in the freezer with lots of different greeneries that I would need to keep track of and use up.

Enter the Natural Blender.  They are a relatively new company that offer the service of delivering fresh smoothie kits to your door once a week.  You have two options to chose from – ready to blend or DIY.  DIY means you have to chop the veg/fruit yourself where as the ready to blend is all set to put straight into the blender.  The box contains 5 recipes which is 10 smoothies in total.  All of the superfoods, liquids and boosters are included.  Where ever possible the packaging is recyclable which is a bonus.  The boxes are delivered on Saturdays. It would be great to see in the future more delivery day options say a mid week option so you can join sooner!

I’ve been using Natural Blender for about 3 weeks now.  It’s been going well and even my originally unconvinced partner in crime is now a fan.  He had reservations about how many calories would be in the smoothies i.e. high sugar with the smoothies potentially containing just fruits.  All of the smoothie packs have been tasty and there are some favourites.  I like that the combinations are different to what I would make for myself or even potentially choose in a store if I bought one.  Trying new superfoods which I again may not have been adventurous in tasting is another bonus to it.

Natural Blender


Favourite smoothies so far:

  • Refresher (apple, watermelon, cucumber, white chia seeds, goji berries, coconut water)
  • The Samurai (papaya, apple, courgette, orange, passion fruit and walnuts)
  • Shaka (spinach, butternut squash, cucumber, pineapple, lime, coconut flour, flaxseeds)


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