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My 5 Tips to Minimise Jet Lag

These are the tips that I use to minimise jet lag when I’m traveling on long haul flights. It’s been a process of trial and error over the years.  I have taken a lot of flights over the years living overseas and for work.  I like to arrive feeling rested and ready to go in a new destination.  This is imperative for a business trip as I would have to head straight to work after landing.  Traveling can be tiring at the best of times even when it’s recreational.  These are my quick, simple and easy tips to follow.

Adjust your internal clock – as soon as I get on to the flight I switch my clock and my settings on phone to the time at my new destination.  The mental adjustment helps with getting my body in the right time zone.  The pilot will usually do an announcement on the time of the destination in case you aren’t sure on the time change.  Oh and on long haul flights it will say on the info page on your tv screen.

Sleeping on the flight – and if possible to take a night flight!  I feel more productive and ready to take the day or night when I arrive.  Sleeping or taking a nap on the flight is great.  I find when I arrive rested I am more able to adapt to the new time zone.  I take a giant cashmere scarf and expandable headrest with me so I can get super comfy and cosy.

Staying hydrated on the flight – this is something that I’ve found to be super important.  It’s important for your mind, body and skin.  It’s really easy not to drink enough whilst flying or drink things that exacerbate dehydration like alcohol and caffeine.  I stick to water, and hot water.  I usually have a herbal tea with me or some fresh lemon. I know it’s not for everyone!  Or the air crew will usually be good enough to give you some lemon slices if you don’t bring your own.

On arrival stay awake until the local bedtime – I know this one can be more a of a challenge when you’ve landed and you still technically have a day ahead of you.  It’s important to do and easier to do if you have changed your time when you were on the flight.  It will set you up for the rest of the trip to be closer to proper timezone sooner.

Light exercise when you arrive at the destination – I usually opt for a light walk outside in the fresh air and some yoga.  It doesn’t have to be intense exercise like weight lifting or a high intensity workout.  Or if I am landing in the evening then I opt for yoga poses that are conducive to sleep.  I use Amanda Bisk’s sleep yoga program.

I hope the tips help on your holiday travels and beyond!

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