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January Blues Pick Me Ups

The post holiday blues get to most people.  It can be the weather, the end of party season, a long wait until the next holiday, the hangover financially from the holidays.  The most likely day to call in sick is the first Monday in February.  It is an official statistic that has been recorded that more employees call in sick on this day!  Some news outlets call it National Sick Day.

Exercise! – it’s important to get those positive endorphins pumping around your body!  Exercise can be at home, with friends or at a gym if you have a membership.  Most workout spaces offer discounts or trial periods at the start of the year.  Plan it in your schedule and stick to it.

Decluttering – I love Marie Kondo’s the Art of Tidying.  Her website is full of ideas and inspiration to follow. It’s scientifically proven that clearing out clutter and really appreciating your possessions boosts your happiness.  It could be a good source of extra cash if you have any belongings to sell second hand.  Or give items to charity.  Quite a few charities offer a pick up service and take everything as they can make money from selling the items on to others such as book companies, rags for cash etc.

Doing something for yourself – it can be simple like spending time reading a good book, curling up on the sofa writing a thank you card to a loved one, light a candle whilst having a cup of tea.  There is a trend at the moment to follow the Danish tradition of Hygge (taking genuine pleasure from ordinary simple everyday moments).  The Danes are the happiest nation in the world so it’s great there is a term for self care.  Doing something for yourself is basically taking a Hygge moment.  Plan it into your schedule and pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages.

Plan your next holiday – part of the fun of traveling and exploring new places is researching them.  Also it’s important to have fun events to look forward.  It’s great to be able to count down the weeks until you get away.  It doesn’t have to be a big holiday, it could be a weekend getaway or a staycation.

Acknowledge what you’re feeling – writing down what is going on for you and the areas that you are feeling stressed or down about can be really productive.  It can help you look at it in a more constructive way and look at ways to improve the situation.  Setting a goal is a great way to create motivation and focus.

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