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On the Go: Podcasts

I have been really enjoying listening to podcasts as I am traveling around the place or even at home when I’ve been relaxing.

Here are some of my favourites…

The Melissa Ambrossini Show: I love this wonderful lady!  I found on Instagram and went through to her site just over a year and half ago.  I felt like it was the world aligning me to do the health coach course. She popped up in my feed and I loved what she was writing about.  I then realised that she had done the course a while back.  It helped me finalise my decision to dive into the course.  She is now on episode 30!  I really enjoy her guests and hearing about their lives.  It’s always inspirational and I learn about new things.  Her podcasts are available on her site or itunes.


Actually Adultish:  This one is a relatable twenty-something girl dealing with adulting issues, hence the name.  Listening to this one does make me burst out laughing or making a comment aloud.  It’s a fun listen and Christina Rice is great at delving into today’s issues of navigating the world.

From the Heart by Yoga Girl:  Rachel Brathen of Yoga Girl fame delves into all areas of her life from love, grief, laughter, to having a new baby to look after.  She’s very honest and is full of gratitude.  She doesn’t try to preach or judge.  It’s simply sharing and being vulnerable.  I find her posts really engaging and they do make me think about things from other perspectives.  Rachel is the creator of that fantastic hashtag #yogaeverydamnday.  She covers a lot of topics and admits her own defeats with good humour.  She’s the kind of person I’d love to meet and hang out for a few hours.

Any suggestions that I should check out?

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