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More reasons to declutter

12 Surprising Ways Clutter is Ruining Your Life

What causes depression? In today’s fast-paced world, there are any number of possible triggers for the blues.  

Some culprits are surprising – such as your social media feed or city living – while others, like smoking, are easier to pinpoint. And some M.D.s have suggested that depression starts in your gut.

Whether or not kimchi helps fight the disorder, there’s just one more potential cause of depression we’d like to examine: Clutter.

Of course, we’re all familiar with hoarding, not to mention the host of problems it entails (it’s often linked to other mental disorders, for example). But what about those of us who fall short of hoarding status, yet still struggle with sheer accumulation of stuff?

Given society’s “more is better” mentality, how are our belongings impacting us?

Take a look at this cool infographic on clutter from MakeSpace (they provide affordable storage in LA, New York City, Chicago, and DC). They’ve delved into studies and data to show just how much of a toll clutter can take on our lives – on a psychological, physical, relationship, professional, and financial level.



With so many potential causes of depression, why not do your best to eliminate this one?

Test out these tips for corralling clutter, and see if your transformed living space improves your mood.  

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