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30 days of Headspace

There have been a lot of changes and decisions happening lately.  I have left my full time job and I am currently prepping to go to Bali for my yoga teacher training course.  I am mixed with excitement, nervousness and a million things to organise in between!

I think it’s really easy to let a meditation habit slip when everything is going well.  The anxiety and stress slowly creeps back in.  Before you know it, I am remembering that I used to try and meditate at least 10mins to 20mins a day and what happened to that habit.

I’ve given myself the challenge of trying to meditate every day for 30 days.  I did a little poll on my Instagram at the start to see how many people thought I could do the full 30 days.  It was an even split of 50/50.

I am on day 23 of 30.

I did a poll when I reached day 20 and it was 100%.  I am not 100% myself as every day is different!

I almost forgot on one of the days.  I remembered at 11:45pm and did a very short 3 minute meditation.  It felt like a bit of a cheat but I still managed to get it in there before falling asleep.  Every little or big session counts.

There have been a couple of days where I have resisted a lot and wanted to skip it.  On these days I looked through the app to see which meditation I fancied doing.  Headspace have added some for every day scenarios such as taking a break, breathe, or daily specials.  I would pick what ever caught my eye rather than following the guided sessions.  It’s important to take the path of least resistance.

I’m enjoying the feeling I have after I have meditated.  I feel more relaxed and like I can process things with more clarity.  I can still have moments of anxiety.  I am able to deal with the thoughts quickly and look forward.  I feel I can listen properly.  

Here’s to my final week of the challenge…


I’ve finished the 30 days of Headspace!  Woop!  It’s been a really lovely experience and it’s funny how my mind has been resistant to doing the last couple of days but then I enjoyed the actual time meditating.


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