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Tips to stay healthy whilst flying

Flying and being healthy can go hand in hand.  I find it super tempting to get to the airport and go into a schlumpy eating mode.  It usually backfires by impacting how I feel on the plane or when I land at my destination.  Here are my habits I try to foster when flying:

  • Hydrate with Water – Carry a water bottle with you. I have a couple of options that I use depending on space.  Glass, stainless steel or one of those reusable coffee mugs work well.  In most airports, when you get past security, there’s a water fountain for you to fill them up.  Or if there isn’t then I ask the air steward to fill mine up on the plane usually when they aren’t trying to serve everyone.  I like having my own bottle so that I can use it instead of buying plastic bottled water on my trip.  Hydration is the key to feeling good on a flight and afterwards.


  • Alternative Snacks – I find that snacks on the plane tend to be easy to store, long life items such as pretzels, salted nuts, chocolate etc.  I like to take my own healthy alternatives with me.  I am taking on this trip – almonds, dates, beef biltong, power balls by Deliciously Ella and seaweed.  I sometimes include those handy squeezable pouches from Pip and Nut.  They’re delicious and are convenient.  My favourite is the coconut and almond one.


  • Drinking Herbal Tea – I don’t drink coffee or traditional tea.  I really love green, jasmine, peony, silver needle teas and most herbal teas I am willing to try.  I do travel with some tea bags with me.  I will have one on the plane and when I arrive I find it much more relaxing than having to have a tea at the hotel.  I like to keep my tea ritual going.  I usually get my teas from a very beautiful store called Tiosk in East London.  Convenient alternatives are clippers, yogi tea, Good And Proper, and Mariarge Freres.


  • Sleep on the flight – Rushing to the airport, through the airport, waiting time etc can be stressful so treat yourself to a sleep on the plane.  You will feel more refreshed on landing and dealing with getting to your final destination.  I take an eye mask with me so that I have complete black out and no one disturbs you when you are wearing one.  The darkness makes your body more relaxed and even if you don’t sleep on the flight the restfulness will help.  It’s releasing all of the melatonin.  I’ve had my eye mask for many years.  It’s a silk one from Victoria Secrets and they no longer make them.  I do use airline ones if I ever forget mine.  If I needed a new eye mask I would get one from Holistic Silk. My current eye mask must be about 8 years old so was worth the original investment!  Another item I take to help with sleep are ear plugs.  These can help so much to put you into your own personal space to relax or sleep.  I use these when I am at a new place as I am quite a light sleeper and I don’t sleep many hours naturally.


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